Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Marc Schömann's Match Girl

I found this set of story photos on the Behance Network and it does a brilliant job of telling the story of The Little Match Girl in a modern context, without needing a single word.

The creator is young German photographer and artist Marc Schömann. Click HERE to see his portfolio and, if you like his Match Girl, you can click below the photo set (on its dedicated page) to show your appreciation anonymously.

Hans Christian Andersen set his tale in a snowy, Christmas-time context and both the tale and this photo story remind us to count our blessings and think of others during the season.


  1. Oh wow! Very powerful. Well done. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm doing Little Match Girl all week next week but didn't have this planned, didn't know about it. This does a wonderful job of modernizing and making the tale even more pertinent.

  3. This almost identical to the short story 'The Last Day of the Rest of Her Life' by Russel Davis from the book of retold fairytales 'Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City'. If you like these pictures you should definitely read it, it's so sad. One of the best storys in the book, I think.