Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Fairy Tales Magazine: Issue 4 Now Live

Issue 4 of New Fairy Tales Magazine is now available HERE for downloading!

(Actually, it's been available for about three weeks now but I'm behind on finishing my draft posts - sorry Claire!)

This issue has a new format (i.e. even more gorgeous than before) and awesome prizes to win in a competition that will help children in need. (More about that in a bit.)

If you don't know about this wonderful online magazine, treat yourself and download it (for free). The high quality of the new, original fairy tales editor Claire Massey* chooses and the artists she works with for each issue have to be seen/read to be believed. I have a feeling Claire is actually on the hunt for the next H.C. Andersen or Dickens, with a devious plan to be the one who discovers them first and prints the next generation's favorite new fairy tales!The PDFs are gorgeously presented and a true pleasure to browse and read. Personally, I'm hoping that one day all the issues will be available in hard copy form. They would be an awesome collection to keep and display.

You can see in this post some examples of the art included in this issue. New art includes papercuts by one of my favorite papercut artists, Oona Patterson, and a silhouette by the amazing Cate Simmons (a.k.a. SteeringForNorth on Flickr), whose work I never tire of featuring. The lovely color illustration is by Samantha Davey, URL unknown sorry!And about that competition, through which you also help a child at Derian House Children's Hospice (the charity New Fairy Tales supports): by simply making a donation to the extremely worthwhile charity, Derian House, lucky UK readers will be in the running to win a creature from the Curiosity Cabinet called the "New Fairy Tale Nymph". But international (including US) donators have an awesome opportunity too. Oona Patterson's papercut fairy tale book "Ream" (this has been on my 'MUST get' list ever since I first saw example pages). You need to go HERE and follow the instructions to be sure you donate in the correct manner to be entered.

The magazine continues to be awesome (Issue 4 definitely lives up to the awesomeness), Derian House is money well-donated and the bonus prizes qualify as total awesome-alerts. Go treat yourself and download some awesome for free. And if you've been blessed enough to give a little back, do that too. The awesome factor just might triple itself in your favor.As always, story or art submissions for the next issue are welcome from anyone but please check the guidelines HERE before doing so. The next deadline is April 15, 2010.

*Claire Massey is also the author/blogger at The Fairy Tale Cupboard - although a fairly new blog, it's already proven to be an important resource for fairy tale enthusiasts and students alike. You can find it HERE. She's currently featuring Queens of Snow and Ice.

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  1. As a fairy tale illustrator, I'm always excited when I find a new magazine that focuses on the old literature.