Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days: Disney Fairy Tale Shirts

The Hot Topic website seems to be struggling under the workload of lots of traffic but this may one of the reasons why: they have nice stuff. And that includes for people who love fairy tales.

Rather than spend another day trying to link you to each relevant page, I'll just send you to the home page HERE where you can then search for the shirts I'm about to show you and more.

But first I have to share my favorite: the Tim Burton Cheshire Cat Reversible Hoodie. It seems to go out of stock very quickly then reappear again wthin a day or two. Coincidence? Hmm...
I love the whole disappearing cat thing. Very clever. Plus it looks awesome.

And now here are some examples of the Disney fairy tale shirts they carry.

Hot Topic are licensed to sell quite a few brands including a number of fairy artists, so have a browse - and don't forget the accessories, eg striped leggings or belt buckles as stocking stuffers. If you live close to a store brave the loud music and the heavy metal decor and go in, in person. They have fun fairy and fairy tale themed stuff (not just clothes) for everyone - babies up to (and through) the rest of us. Plus they have some of the most consistently nice and helpful store assistants, multi-colored hair and piercings or not.

It also looks like the official Disney Store are having a sale too: up to 40% off kids apparel and up to 50% off adult apparel. You can find the store HERE.

NOTE: As usual, please note I am not affiliated with any of these stores or products. I do not receive any commission from any visit to the site or any purchase. These are just items I thought may interest people as fairy tale themed gifts for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Yuletide/Holiday Season. :)

Don't forget the "Pursuit of Happiness" Giveaway!
Entries close in THREE DAYS on December 20th, so be sure to email me before then.
(Check out yesterday's prize preview post!)

Details for the giveaway are HERE and the wonderful London Particulars (who are making this giveaway possible through their generosity) can be found HERE.

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  1. Hot Topic is one of my favorite stores for this reason!!
    Love their Disney merchandise!