Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days: Giant Fairy Tale T-Shirt Roundup

Lots of fairy tale shirts in a variety of contemporary designs from lots of different tales today! I've tried to find a wide range for guys and girls and many different illustration styles. These are the best I've found around the web, though I'm sure there are many more (but this post has already taken days and days!). Please feel free to add any suggestions you have in the comments! The websites where they're available can be reached by clicking on the image or the title below it.

There are lots so let's get right to it:

Blue Beard
(I know - he wasn't really a pirate.. or was he?)

(While this was in my archives it was also suggested by one of my readers but I can't find the comment to credit her. So sorry!)

Too Patient Rapunzel

Ecko Red Allover Rose
(It's not really a fairy tale tee but it instantly made me think of Sleeping Beauty)

Sinister Dexter (an homage to classic fairy tales)

Once Upon A Time

grimm's garden

Hansel & Gretel's Revenge
(the house is printed on the back of the tee)

Red is dead
(yes, she has a chainsaw
- go see the site if you want a close-up!)

Three Little Pigs: Mechanized Assault

Baba Yaga Shirt

The Dark Side of the Fairy Tale

Red Riding Hood

LinkOwl and Cat Masks

The Princess and the Pea

It's For You

There are a number of sites where you can vote on the t-shirt designs to help get them printed too. Apparently, the popular ones will be put into production as t-shirts for sale to the public, although I'm not completely clear on how best to make this happen. You can always contact the artist/designer directly, if these interest you. I've linked to where you can view and vote.

The Big Bad Wolf Was An Opportunist

Make Like A Tree and Leave

Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Forest Hoodlums (2 designs)

A Stomach for Sauerbraten

The Musicians of Bremen

Cooking With Hansel & Gretel

Dissection of the Wolf

Hansel and Gretel

Poison Apple

And if you're looking for more traditional illustrations of fairy tales for your shirts the first place you should check is SurLaLune's CAFE PRESS STORE and SurLaLune's ZAZZLE STORE. There are some slogan and graphic tees here too. My favorites among this additional category (please note they come in many options of tee/shirt styles) are:

Il était une fois...
(Once Upon a Time, in French)
You Can't Catch Me!
(I have a toddler you see and this is SO cute and appropriate for him!)

I had some more commercial ones to show you but the site wasn't working. Please feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments.

NOTE: As usual, please note I am not affiliated with any of these stores or products. I do not receive any commission from any visit to the site or any purchase. These are just items I thought may interest people as fairy tale themed gifts for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Yuletide/Holiday Season. :)

Don't forget the "Pursuit of Happiness" Giveaway!
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Details for the giveaway are HERE and the wonderful London Particulars (who are making this giveaway possible through their generosity) can be found HERE.


  1. These shirts are amazing!
    Nice find!!

  2. wow i´m in love, *__* i want to buy someday t-shirts like that!!