Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway Coming! + Folktale-ish T-Shirts

I have exciting news: Once Upon A Blog will be having a giveaway for the first time ever! Thanks to the generosity of the lovely folk at London Particulars (who have wonderful steampunk and fantasy themed jewelry and prints) I'll be holding a contest starting on the 6th of December during my "12 Days of (Gifts Before) Christmas" post series, so watch this space!
I've been collecting t-shirts with fairy tale themes for a while now and will be showing you a bunch of them during the "12 Days" posts but these few don't quite fit. They are, however, very reminiscient of folktales so I thought I'd show them to you today as Threadless - the creative and fun t-shirt company - is currently having a sale with all t-shirt $12 and free shipping for any purchase over $50 (US - $75 minimum for International).

This one is called "The Cloud Menagerie"...
... and this one is called "Autumn Chameleons".
You can find more information on these design and the designers HERE and HERE. ("Prevailing Dragon Winds" at the head of the post is also by these designers.)

This lovely chameleon one is called "The Midnight Forest"...
... and you can find more information on the design and a link to the designer HERE. This particular designer has a lot of nature-themed tees with a fantastical slant to them so you may enjoy browsing his extensive design gallery too.

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  1. Wow, those do look fantastic. It is hard to pick a favorite, since they all look so terrific.