Monday, November 23, 2009

The Wild Swans in Vogue Korea's December 2009 Issue

Not only did Vogue Korea interpret the fairy tale The Wild Swans with Korean celebrities for the December 2009 issue, but there are other tales interpreted with high fashion too.

Today I'll only show you The Wild Swans, as there's plenty to look at from just that shoot. This is one of my favorite fairy tales, so I'm pleased to see any mention of it. Being styled for a fashion magazine is completely unexpected. They've done a light and lovely approach which makes it even better (just ignore the straw - among other things - on their heads/sticking out of their clothes if it bothers you - it's a fantasy after all...)

I'm guessing at the order of the photos. My 'google translate' and 'babelfish' can't seem to translate more than a few words per page on the Vogue Korea site.I think I may have to find myself a copy of this international Vogue issue as this is just one of the articles using fairy tales.

You can learn more about the shoot HERE at Vogue Korea or HERE.

Stay tuned for more fairy tales in high fashion from Vogue Korea over the coming week...

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