Monday, November 2, 2009

"Riese: The Series" - New Steampunk Red Riding Hood Web Series Begins Today

There's a new Red Riding Hood coming to town... and she's more than a little bit steampunk!

A new web series (a show that airs/is released via the internet) starts airing today called "Riese". It's about a girl on the run with her wolf and promises action, drama, intrigue and an interweaving of traditional fables and fairy tales with a little Norse mythology thrown in for good measure.Interestingly, this is one of the first steampunk influenced series/shows to air since steampunk has become so popular in terms of genre, sub-culture and design these past few years (especially this year). That it takes inspiration from fairy tales (one in particular) is awesome and confirms my belief that steampunk and fairy tales are a good match... But back to the series.

From an interview with Co-creator Ryan Copple:

The story first originated as an idea for a short film, actually. The original concept detailed a young girl, who was traveling with a wolf, visiting a strange and anachronistic town with morally questionable customs. We wanted to parallel the idea of innocence that was captured in the Little Red Riding hood stories, while also paralleling it to the conflicts and moral dilemmas and ambiguities in our own, something we still hold true to in the series as it is now.

As for the production, once we decided to convert it into a series, the real fun began with fleshing out the world that this character was inhabiting. That’s when we borrowed from a variety of historical patterns and genres for inspiration. Aesthetically, we’ve been heavily influenced by the steampunk genre as well as dark, textured works such as “City of Lost Children”. For story inspiration, we drew from both traditional fables, like Little Red Riding Hood, as well as Norse mythology.

You can read the rest of the interview HERE at The League of Extraordinary Genres website.

Here's the trailer to give you a taste.

The first episode of "Riese" is due to be uploaded in the early hours of Monday morning and should be available to view by the time you read this. The first episode is called "Hunt" and you can tune in to their WEBSITE, subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel (which is one of the main places they'll be airing the epiosdes) and get updates via FACEBOOK and TWITTER. And there's already a lot of extra content to see on their YouTube channel about the development and making of the show (I believe it was filmed in August this year).

There's a whole lot more information available on other websites too but I suggest starting at these places to see if it's something you might be interested in keeping an eye on.

Wikipedia has a great overview entry HERE, giving you an idea of the look and feel of the series. If you like "Sanctuary"* (a show on the SyFy Channel that started life as a web series as well), there's an excellent chance you'll like this too.

I, for one, will be tuning in. Steampunk + fairy tale + "Sanctuary" alumni = excellent ingredients for an intriguing idea. I hope this one has teeth...

* "Sanctuary" is a science fiction TV show that has the premise of all the beings in mythology and urban legend as being real (called 'abnormals' in the series). The sanctuary of the title is supposed to be a place of safe harbor where abnormals - from mermaids to bigfoot to scary creatures we hope we only imagined - can receive assistance or find a home to live out their lives in peace. Of course, not everyone is of the same opinion... The show is now in it's second season and getting excellent reviews from fans and critics alike for the writing, concepts and acting, as well as for the excellent use of limited effects. It has been nominated for multiple awards and won at least four. You can find more information about "Sanctuary" HERE in Wikipedia and HERE at the official website.

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