Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snow White Scenes in Apples

Making the rounds on Twitter yesterday was THIS slideshow here from the BBC News. I recommend clicking for a larger view so you can see just how the apples were used to create these scenes - it's quite amazing.

To celebrate the release of Snow White on Blu-ray, UK food artist Prudence Staite was commissioned by Disney to portray iconic scenes from the movie in food - specifically (and appropriately) apples. Considering all the news is coming from the UK I'm guessing this is to coincide with the UK Blu-ray release as it's already out in the US.

From Boxwish UK:

Staite and the Food Is Art team produced six iconic images from the movie, including the dwarves off to the mine, the Wicked Queen disguised as a hag tempting Snow White with the poisoned apple and the Prince kissing the sleeping heroine for the happy ending. Staite was commissioned to create the innovative art by Disney, who are drumming up interest in the animated classic in the build-up to its Blu-Ray debut and reveals that 14 different varieties of apple were employed for the art attack.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

I can only find four of the six images mentioned and am only comfortable showing the ones I've found on other blogs, so be sure to click on this link HERE to see all four at a decent resolution. Hopefully the last two will surface soon.

I can't find any information on where or when in particular the scenes were done but I have this vision of photographers standing by and holding their breaths, waiting to start clicking as soon as the last apple slice is placed, before any browning begins. Then what? A healthy feast to celebrate? I don't think I could bring myself to take the first slice.

Or perhaps they've been preserved (via something highly toxic to humans) to stay in their perfect fresh state forever... under glass...

You can find more of Prudence's creative culinary concoctions at her website HERE and at her gallery HERE.

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