Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snow White's Wardrobe Gets 'Steampunked'

A few more steampunk fairy tale posts this week!

I found this wonderful custom Snow-White-with-corset outfit by "DamselInThisDress" HERE and had to share. There's a definite steampunk feel to this little number. The yellow "leather" (let's just say it is, ok?) bustle is great too, and though it doesn't come with the corset you can apparently purchase it from DamselInThisDress separately.The funny thing is, this makes far more sense for an outfit to wear in the woods than the standard princess one. Add some heavy duty boots and presto: steampunk Snow White. (I can't help thinking the huntsman would approve of this one too.)

You can see an illustration of a different steampunk Snow White I posted a few months ago HERE. This Snow White apparently developed a 'taste' for hot air ballooning (you can read the artist's idea of the story by going to their deviantArt page and reading their comments there).