Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow White's Deadly Tomato

Here's a different use of Snow White and the modified fruit she bit into with tragic results. This one uses a tomato (you know the tomato is officially a fruit, right?) and is designed to get us thinking about what we're doing to our food sources with everything from pesticides to selective propagation.

This work is from art student Alice Wang at Brisbane Girl's Grammar School in Queensland, Australia.

From the description of the piece:

"The Invention explores the issue of genetic modification. The still life genre is normally associated with affirmations of life and momento mori reminders to seize the day, but this image features the hand of a dead Snow White, after taking a bite of a tomato. In a contemporary twist, the tomato has been modified with fish genes. Flies are bringing on putrefication to both the corpse and the fruit and a pungent smell is implied.

Questions are raised about human motivations regarding genetic modification of food, and more broadly in relation to other interventions in the life fabric".

Makes you think - which is the whole point. Congratulations to Miss Wang.

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