Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Girl & Boy Lost (Leibovitz Stages Hansel & Gretel Pt II)

Here are the rest of the photos released from the Annie Leibovitz fairy tale shoot for the 2009 December issue of Vogue. We saw the two photos featuring Lady Gaga in a previous post HERE.

The rest of the photos are shown in order below, along with the story as portrayed and described by Vogue's Creative Director Grace Coddington. Please note the story and photos aren't shown exactly as they will be in the magazine. To view the full piece, you'll need the December issue which mentions a fashion tribute to The Arts - which this shoot is likely part of considering the inspiration and involvement of The Metropolitan opera. The issue has Cate Blanchett on the cover whose shots for this issue were also taken by Leibovitz.

I'm Famished Brother and sister are home alone with not a morsel to eat.

Far From Home They venture out to hunt for wild strawberries in the woods, where Gretel's lily-white frock shines against the dark foliage of the Tree-men. Before long, though, they're hopelessly lost. (Tree-men costumes courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera.)

Golden Slumber The Sandman (played here by Sasha Cooke, who has appeared in the Met's production) sprinkles magic dust onto the frightened children, who fall into a deep sleep and dream about a banquet served by a fish maître d'. (Sandman and fish maître d' costumes courtesy of the Met.)

Wicked The two discover a house in the forest, only to find it occupied by an old witch (portrayed here by Lady Gaga). Gretel looks sweet enough to eat in a poufy confection. But it's Hansel the evil one wants to fatten up and feast on.

Feed the Flames Before the witch can cook Hansel and Gretel—whoosh—they push her into the oven and shut the door.

The Witch Is Dead! The children (here, the Junior Choristers of Grace Church in New York City) baked into gingerbread by the hag come back to life.

You can read all about the shoot (and about more of Lady Gaga's outrageous dressing) HERE and see the slideshow with the complete fashion information HERE.

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  1. I love Annie's work, but I don't buy Vogue so thanks for sharing.