Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Ole Bestiary - Classically Photographed 'Anthropomorphs'

Perhaps Beatrix Potter wasn't seeing things!

These anthropomorphic animals are so prim and proper, they could have stepped out of a classic tale. Or perhaps they'll inspire some new tails, I mean, tales.

From the Grand Ole Bestiary Etsy shop:
The Grand Ole Bestiary is a collection of faux-antique, anthropomorphic, mythological curios that were recovered from an ancient archival vault found buried deep inside the core of a metaphysical holy mountain.

These are actual, bona-fide, photographs exposed with light on a digital enlarger and developed on archival quality, Kodak archival photographic paper.
A brief description of the character/s is included (if such details were 'unearthed' along with the photographs discovered).

Adelaide Gazelling

The genteel and worried wife of Rufus Gazelling, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Hortence J Pacadorf

Founder and proprietor of Pacadorf Industries, introduced many useful household products including a sticky-paper mouse trap made from peanut butter.

Madame Bella Van Lioness
Proprietor of Madame Lioness' Den of Debauchery and Spirits, was under an ongoing investigation for the disappearance of Rufus Gazelling, a frequent customer of hers.
Brotherhood of the Ram
Founded by The Three Grand Elder Rams, was an exclusive gentleman's club for the co-mingling of ideas, general merriment and occasional butting of heads.You can see many more 'Manimal' characters here.


  1. Hi!

    I just found your blog through "SurLaLune Fairy Tales". I really enjoyed reading it and this post especially is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. re Adelaide: I had an Uncle that looked kind of like her, of course he made my Aunt elope.

    re Pacadorf: This one had a chronic case of the sniffles and never went anywhere without a fully packed trunk.

    re Bella: Her family would invariably visit at the end of summer, proving that the pride comes before the fall.

    re Rams: Gentleman's club indeed! Just an excuse for a bunch of horny old goats to gather and watch all the young lambies gambol.

  3. hey sweetie. thanks for the comment you left on my entry "fairytale Friday." To answer your question, I've got my hands quite full right now so I dont think I will be posting too much until I can meet all my deadlines. Im glad you enjoy reading that entry. btw i love this blog. its full of things i daydream of. =P