Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eva Soula's "Fairytale" Comic

Russian artist Eva Soula is taking a different look at the characters of Red Riding Hood and their 'archetypical' roles.
From her artist's group website LAMP:

I’ve always liked folk and fairytales – not the tame sugary-sweet stories like the ones retold by Charles Perrault, but the original ones, which are often crueler, yet more truthful. “Little Red Riding Hood” is one of those fairytales that I nearly despised as a child – it seemed so fake and senseless to me – but grew to love at an older age, when I read the original French version and realized what the secret was. :) However my story doesn’t follow any known retelling. If you’re curious to see what else the archetypes of “Little Red Riding Hood” are capable of, this story is for you as well.

Here are three pages from her comic.

You can click on the images for a closer look & read (highly recommended):


More is available to see -of both the comic and her designs- HERE, though not, unfortunately the rest of this grorgeous comic (note: on her pages, the 'next' button is at the bottom of the image in faint grey). Her other personal comic project "Owls"- described as a series of stories set in the same world os a scientific mystery - appears to have magical elements too and is worth a look, even though it's only available to view in Russian at present.

She's also created other work on fairy tale themes such as "Wonderland" & "Alice and the Mad Hatter" )also known by the more sinister title "Come to Daddy") shown below:

I sincerely hope a publisher picks "Fairytale" up. I'd really like to know how she handled the characters. Her artwork is lovely too. this is one I'd be more than happy to add to my shelf. (hint, hint publishers!)

In addition to the LAMP artist's group she can also be found at the CG Society, deviantArt and LiveJournal

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