Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fairy Tale Make-Up Competition w Prizes!

I discovered a different type of contest for the fashion and fairy tale inclined.

The Gloss Goss is holding a Brothers Grimm make-up contest with some lovely prizes. The idea is to create a look based on one of the Grimm's tales, with stipulation that you 'think on the dark side'. For inspiration, deviantART is a great source to get you thinking (see the pictures posted above and below).

The rules (which are fair and easy) are posted in THIS entry on her blog.

Competition ends July 23rd so hurry if you're interested!

I'm hoping Tali will post entrant pictures but if nothing else it's an interesting way to think about the heroines of the tales we love. Exactly how would you present the Princess and the Pea, with a nod to the darker themes in her story?

Good luck to all entering!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention.. I will be posting pics and links of the 2 winners and a link to you blog in a couple of days when i decide the winners :)!

  2. OOh! A follow-up post in which I can link to winners! Thanks! I think you may get some more followers out of this one... :D Awesome contest! Very much looking forward to the results. :)