Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fairy Tale Characters in Critical Condition

The Literacy Foundation released a new 2008-2009 campaign on the basis of this message:

"When a child doesn't read imagination disappears."

The ads show fairy tale characters hospitalized and looking very unwell as they slowly fade away.

There are 2 radio ads, one 'voiced' by The Prince and one by The Big Bad Wolf. You can listen to them below:

The TV ad is described as follows (from their website):

Cinderella wanders the corridors of a hospital with her IV drip. Her blue ball dress is all wrinkled. Visibly worn down by illness, she is pale and weak. She passes, one by one, Tom Thumb, moving along slowly with his walker, a sick elderly dwarf, an aging Peter Pan in his wheelchair, and Sleeping Beauty, still asleep. Suddenly, the continuous buzz of a heart monitor is heard, warning that a patient’s heart has stopped beating. Cinderella watches as medical staff rush toward Little Red Riding Hood’s room. Then a child is heard saying: “When we can’t read, the world of our imagination disappears. Give The Gift of Reading®.”
You can see it below:

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