Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fairy Tale Courtroom

Here's something I wish I could witness:

The Wicked Witch and the Big Bad Wolf - both regular villains in many fairy tales - are being hauled to court at the Palace Theater on July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd 2009 in Seguin, Guadalupe County in Texas, and being forced to answer for their crimes.

From the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise:
The victims of fairy tale violence are finally getting their day in court.
Both defendants have a pretty long list of accusations — ranging from ridiculous to serious — that they are up against in the courtroom, Mitchell said.
“The audience members are the ones who get to decided who is guilty and who is innocent, they are the jury,” said Lauren Wieding, Pig No. 1 from the straw house. “We get to interact with them and tell them how they (the wolf and the witch) have been reeking havoc, trying to kill people and blowing down houses”
You can find the rest of the article, in which the Director Karen Mitchell explains how the trial will run and some of the character actors are interviewed, HERE. While this is essentially a children's and family friendly play there's a lot of adult humor and play on words that adults will appreciate.

Ticket prices and more information are available at the Seguin Art Center HERE.

This show/trial has become increasingly popular over the past few years (note the fun poster below from last year's production at Genesee Community College) with more and more local theater companies taking on the challenge. If you get a chance, go along and cast your vote!

If you're interested in a similar resource for grade-aged children, here's something from Hickory Grove Press:
This engaging and popular resource teaches children to analyze values and character in the lives of others as well as in their own lives through the framework of the judicial process. Simulations develop teamwork and the creative process while encouraging critical thinking. Students read fairy tales, assess the behaviors of the characters, and determine whether or not a character should be charged and tried for a crime. Students prepare for the trial, develop arguments, opening and closing statements, questions for witnesses, and present the case to another class who serves as the jury. Specific tales are suggested for each grade level from 3rd. through 9th.


  1. This is fabulous! Anything that gets the tales out and separate from Disney is great.You sure do get the good tidbits.

  2. Thank you! You can be sure whatever I sniff out, I will share. :) Disney has a place but nothing beats learning the old tales.