Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Frog Prince's Daughters" - new eBook

Australian author Wendy Palmer has just written and published (through a small e-books publisher*) a fairy tale novel, based on, you guessed it, "The Frog Prince". It's currently available in multiple eBook formats for $1 until August 14th through distributor 'eBooks Just Published' (when the price goes to $3.99).

It will also be available at that time in print through Amazon.com.*

The lovely cover is by artist Andreas Reh (cover design by Karen Leabo*. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a website for her.

Summary of "The Frog Prince's Daughters", from the author's website:

Anura is a fairytale princess whose prince won’t come. When a wizard shows up instead and tries to kill her, her stubborn cousin Rana decides it’s time to make the tardy prince show up, any way she can. With Anura and her stepmother, Amaryths, Rana sets out on a fairytale quest. But the wizard hasn’t given up…
It's received some good reviews including the one below:

Author Wendy Palmer has fun playing with the structure and internal rules of the fairy tale, while introducing clever plot twists, developing a growing romance between Rana and the wizard, and delivering a solid adventure. The fairy tale is a well-established source of inspiration for fantasy authors, and Wendy Palmer definitely rivals the very best of them. Highly entertaining.

You can read the Prologue HERE.

We need more authors making their fairy tales so available to us!

CORRECTIONS ADDED 7-31-09: This book is NOT self-published as I originally understood. She published with a small e-books publisher 'Books for a Buck' instead.

The cover DESIGN is by Karen Leabo but the artist is Andreas Reh (www.andreasreh.com.de was the URL given but the address does not seem correct)

Thank you to Ms. Palmer for clarifying these points in her comment!


  1. Hi Gypsy, and thanks for the mention of me and my new book.

    I just wanted to let you know it's not actually self-published, it's published via a small ebook publisher called Books for a Buck (hence the availability for US$1 for the first month of its release).

    After this first month, it'll be widely available on all the usual ebook sites (Fictionwise, Books on Board etc), plus Amazon as a printed book.

    The cover was done up by Karen, but the picture, which is indeed lovely, was by artist Andreas Reh (www.andreasreh.com.de).

    Thanks again for mentioning me. I'm a big fan of fairytale tropes and I had fun writing this story of when fairytales go bad...

    Wendy Palmer

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by and clarifying those points for me Wendy!

    I have updated the post, indicating my corrections.

    I wish you all success with your book and hope you feel inspired to write more fairy tale related works in the future.

  3. I am doing a compendium of Frog Prince stories and mentioned your book. I find the theme fascinating, and how profitably it can be varied. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi, I´m Andreas Reh,
    the artist of the cover photo. My correct address ist http://www.andreasreh.de