Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vogue Korea's Adventure in Wonderland

Continuing the fairy tale theme in the December 2009 issue of Vogue Korea is an article titled "Adventure in Wonderland" with Korean celebrity Ha Ji Won.What I find funny is that out of all the fairy tales this issue interprets, the Alice (and Alice as Gulliver) article is the most conservative/least outlandish.

Again, you can see more HERE at the Vogue Korea website.

And a heads-up for those who liked the fairy tale photoshoot of The Wild Swans: apparently Vogue Korea will be releasing a behind-the-scenes video of that gorgeous photoshoot on December 23rd. I hope we can access it!


  1. i love this picture, the style its so good, and magic *__* she is cute, i don´t know her O_o

  2. One can probably find most of these Korean celebrities (being mostly actors known from TV work) at Drama Wiki:

    I've already seen a video of the Wild Swans photo shoot and that was days ago; it's probably 23 November rather than December that that was made available. It's at but it takes all night to download. Worth it, though.

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  4. one of the best fashion magazines there! I like to see it!

  5. This suites to our topic in Literature. <3