Monday, June 2, 2014

Maleficent Review On the Way Today (With Bonus Pics of Props)

One great thing about being in LA is the option of making movie going a more-than-average experience if you head downtown.

El Capitan Theater had a special showing, complete with many props and a couple of sets from the movie, as well as a fun live magic show on stage before the film started. For multiple reasons, I'm very glad we made the special effort and spent the extra to be able to do it for a fairy tale film (I'll explain later today).

Stay tuned for my review later this afternoon (fingers crossed I get time to post it as planned) and many more pics from the display...

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  1. Magnificent! I'm going to see the film myself in a couple hours and will watch for your review. I've already read some spoilers and am very happy to learn that A.) Angelina Jolie's portrayal of the character is supposedly, fresh, entertaining, and evocative of the old sexually vengeful fairy literary fairy tale stock character (and a delicious one--I'm winking at you, old school pervert Tinkerbell), and that B.) Disney has taken a completely different route with this character than I am taking in my own rewrite of the Sleeping Beauty tale (whew!). I am about to take my daughter to her very first movie theater experience for this one. I'm excited to watch and also to see what others think! See you after the hundred-year sleep!