Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guillermo del Toro No Longer Directing His "Beauty" (But He'll Still Be Producing)

Fan art by supkayla
Well, I'm seriously disappointed at this news, though del Toro's original vision still going into production with Emma Watson as Beauty, and him staying on as Producer is a decent consolation prize. I just really wanted to see his vision, done his way and to knock the socks off anyone who only knows the singing cutlery version.


Here's the scoop from StarburstMagazine via Entertainment Wise:
(Due to lack of time and other film commitments) Master Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has stepped down as director on the upcoming remake of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, starring Emma Watson. While del Toro’s beautifully-twisted imagination would have taken the classic tragic love story (edit: far away) from the sanitized clutches of Disney, he’s staying on as producer. Having already written the script, (FTNH edit: and having created a signature development book) the film, no doubt, will bear his distinct style, half way between the art movie and big budget action. 
...Warner Bros. hasn’t yet announced a replacement director, although expect more on this as it develops.
Just to make it clear this B&tB would be:
Warner Bros + del Toro Producing + Emma Watson + Director still unknown...
From Emma Watson's Vogue shoot a few years ago
If you're wondering about the Disney live action version just announced, this is not the film you are looking for. (It is, however, a film I'm still keen to see.)


  1. What a disappointment, especially after looking forward to this film for YEARS now (it's really been years, right? Or does it just feel like it?) But if they follow his script it should still be a treat-any idea how likely that is? Also, why do they call it a tragic love story? Dark, yes, but the vast majority of versions end happily

  2. Oh my! Emma is perfect for Beauty. Her image as Hermione can quickly translate her to the image of studious Beauty with her head in the clouds. I want to watch this film so bad.