Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Ever After High" Gets a Movie, To Become Netflix Original Series for Kids (+ Cerise Hood Exclusive Is Quite A Doll!)

New & much improved EAH Cerise Hood EXCLUSIVE for SDCC* 2014
(Available after SDCC from mattycollector.com - very limited supply - obviously)

A new movie and a whole new series for the very popular Ever After High from Mattel.

Note: In case you didn't know Once Upon A Blog is pro-Ever After High. Why? See my post HERE (and scroll down past the Descendants part to see why I ate the words of my first impression of this princessy-looking toy line with animated series tie-in).

Press Release:
June 16, 2014: Netflix Inc. and Mattel, Inc. today announced an all-new and wicked animated original series for kids of all ages based on the spelltacular Mattel franchise, Ever After High. The new animated series will premiere in all Netflix territories in early 2015.
...The Netflix original series will be preceded by Ever After HighSpring Unsprung, a new movie, in early 2015, and 12 episodes of Ever After High the series will follow. Both will feature the royally rebellious and spellbinding stories of the Ever After High students with new twists, turns and character introductions for current and new fans to enjoy.
I don't see any word on whether our girl Shannon Hale will be involved but here's hoping she is.

On a related note: the new Cerise Hood SDCC exclusive collectible is not your average doll!
Here's the regular one (photographed very nicely, but still):

And you can see the exclusive below with detail pics HERE (although this is not really my thing - ie. dolls - the accessories and motifs on this one are worth checking out).

*SDCC is the giant annual San Diego Comic Con


  1. While still a bit poofy (it is a girls' series after all), the Ever After High series will probably be a bit better than Teenage Fairy Tale Dropouts. Don't know if you've encountered that show yet on The Hub. It seems as if the "fairy tale school" trope is making the rounds.

  2. Hey you should read the never after high book series,its much better than mlp:fim garbage or monster high crap

  3. Excited about this. I love the graphics already. I'm glad they made a series out of it rather than a one-time movie.

  4. Oh I just love the books there so Wonderlandfull .. I just can't wait to have the movie .. I don't have Netflix. But I do love to watch them online. Can't wait till the DVD come out. Y'all have a ever after day.