Friday, June 6, 2014

Look What's Coming Soon From Neil Gaiman & Lorenzo Mattotti: Hansel & Gretel

A unique Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti! Lots of pics and a video to entice you.. 

The illustrations have been around for a few years (I remember seeing them for the first time back in 2009) but now they're being partnered with Neil Gaiman's words.... *heart*!

The release date is October 28, 2014 - the perfect Halloween present (and isn't it just!).
This all happened a long time ago, in your grandmother’s time, or in her grandfather’s. A long time ago. Back then, we all lived on the edge of the great forest.
Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti both remember the horror and fascination with which they read the Grimm Brothers’ “Hansel and Gretel.” The writer and the artist now join forces for a brilliant reimagining of one of humanity’s most enduring tales. Be brave, be bold, and keep your wits about you–Gaiman and Mattotti are welcoming you into the woods.
From the Press Release:
“TOON Graphics are comics and visual narratives that bring the text to life in a way that captures young readers’ imaginations and makes them want to read on—and read more. Children also develop their aesthetic sense when they experience the relationship of text to picture in all its communicative power. Vetted by our team of educational experts, TOON Graphics introduce great storytelling traditions from around the world.”
Directly related is a set of audio recordings of Neil Gaiman, speaking on why scary stories appeal to us and the art of fear in children's books. You can find the whole set HERE.
And now the promised illustrations... just amazing and so very vivid, despite them being in black and white.

This is in Italian but you get to watch Mr. Mattotti paint! Just amazing.
Lorenzo Mattotti and some of his illustrations
Who's pre-ordering besides me?


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