Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Into the Photography (Of Into the Woods)

Note: Good glory - I just experienced almost 24 hours without phone, internet or TV or radio news! It's weird when even your schools and libraries cannot get online... Into the Desert here - sheesh. Thank goodness for Megan at The Dark Forest keeping up with the days' scoops! You MUST subscribe/follow/log-in and read her regularly.
Yep - it's picture time! First behind-the-scenes pics - in Colleen Atwood's costumes* (swoon!) - were released today via Broadway World from the filming at Dover Castle of Disney's movie adaptation of Into the Woods (dramatic music sting - and a sharp slap on the hand for a ridiculously long sentence).

Go check Megan's The Dark Forest post for lost of lovely pics, all the details and her excellent musings on why we love Into the Woods and whether or not making it into a movie will make that love stronger or make it die a thousand deaths... (or, worse, make us yawn).

Oh - and the comments on Broadway World are fun/cringe-inciting to read too. I had to include this exchange:

*Check Rapunzel's braided corset detailing peeking through in the background, amidst the pics in the original article - very nice touch.


  1. Amazing Blog! So glad the world is embracing Fairy Tales right now, thanks for spreading the word!