Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A New Surrealist Cinderella by Ratmansky

The Australian Ballet Company has staged a new production of Cinderella that though described as "surrealist" is still very recognizably the Cinderella many know and love.

It's still, primarily, a fantasy and love story and they're still using the Prokofiev score (which I adore). This retelling, however, is set in an abandoned theater in 1940's post-war Russia. Prokofiev's dark tones match the setting premise well, making it all the more magical when multiple theatrical devices are used to transform Cinderella and the surroundings for the lavish surreal-meets-art-deco-decadent ball. The costumes and sets were created by well known Parisian designer Jerome Kaplan.

Rather than become weighty within the setting, the ballet remains surprisingly whimsical and magical.

From the Sydney Opera House press release:
Cinders is getting a brand-new dress! Alexei Ratmansky, formerly artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet and now resident choreographer of American Ballet Theatre, is creating a new version of Cinderella on The Australian Ballet. Set to Prokofiev’s beguiling score and featuring Surrealism-inspired sets and costumes, this new Cinderella will be eagerly awaited both here and abroad. Ratmansky has been hailed as the saviour of traditional ballet, injecting fresh life into classical techniqueHis take on the original girl-made-good story promises true enchantment.
Here's a preview, including some behind the scenes:
And here's the trailer for the currently running, Melbourne season:
The Australian Ballet will be running their new Cinderella in Melbourne (VIC) until the end of September, after which they will take it to the Sydney Opera House in NSW.


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