Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ask Baba Yaga: I'm In the Midst of a Very Stressful Program in a New Career Field

San Antonio, Texas. Gargoyle at the Emily Morgan Hotel, once a hospital. Photo credit: M. Kopp
Although this week's petitioner is asking about coping in a new career, I think the same applies to any new venture that's both personally important and changes your lifestyle.

This week's question and answer (via poet and oracle Taisia Kitaiskaia* of The Hairpin):
(Originally posted at The Hairpin HERE)

Striking a chord with many, here are some comment highlights:
  • Brain-uncramming is a subtle type of witchcraft, though. Don't feel too bad if you can't perform it well at first! (Judith Slutler)
  • PERF. (especially the "do not hold so much yr every feeling in the palm of yr hand like a beating frog-heart") (fabel)
  • @fabel This is what my therapist has been trying to tell me, I think. Like, ok, you have feelings, yes, but acknowledging that they exist despite your best efforts at ignoring them does not mean you must feel them all, all the time. I'm Right On Top Of That, Rose)
  • Wow! I never really 'got' the Baba Yaga posts in the past but this one is just perfect. Printing out ... to put up in every room of my house. Truly necessary advice for the overly-introspective. (wordnerd)
  • whoa. (baby crow)
Beating frog-hearts in the palm of my hand. Pretty much a perfect description. Unfortunately, I hate vomiting... I'd kind of like a part two on this topic...

What do you think of Baba Yaga's advice?

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Thank you Baba Yaga (& Taisia).

Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. Born in Russia and raised in America, she's had her poems and translations published in Narrative Magazine, Poetry International, and others.

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  1. Great to see that Baba is out in the world and offering advice--I've been reading about her since I was a little girl and wanted my own hut on chicken legs! Looking forward to seeing more from her.