Sunday, September 29, 2013

More from Into the Woods, including Ms. Streep

First look at Meryl Streep as the witch
We've had a few pics be released via on-set personal cameras, Twitter and Instagram this week and it's encouraging the positive buzz. We even got to see a first highly anticipated look at Meryl Streep's witch at the end of the week (see above). I was curious to see which way they'd go with her character. Looks pretty traditional with the matted wigs and talons etc. I guess I was hoping for a different take overall from Rob Marshall but it's a little early to judge just yet.
Wedding sets and costumes
Cinderella & her scruffy prince on their wedding day

The wedding stuff looks fairly standard, too - lovely but missing some oomph for me (of course we're not seeing sots from principle photography, just behind-the-scenes and that can make a huge difference.) As I said, early days...

I do like Rapunzel's wrapping details. Costume designer Ms. Atwood can generally be relied upon to put a lot of thought and symbolism into her pieces for characters so I'm hoping we see an interview with her sometime soon on some of her work for this movie.

I'm sure we'll see a few more images over the next week or too as well. They're likely to release a teaser Depp shot for publicity reasons so I'm watching for that, curious to see what direction they're taking Big Bad and little (oh so young) Red.

Sources: HERE & HERE (there are more castle shots at this link too)

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