Monday, September 30, 2013

Enzo D’Alò's "Pinocchio" Nominated for 2013 European Film Awards

From altfg:
The European Film Academy has announced the three nominees in the 2013 European Film Awards’ Best Animated Feature Film category (including) Pinocchio (from Italy / Luxembourg / France / Belgium), directed by Enzo D’Alò, from a screenplay by D’Alò and Umberto Marino. Animation by Marco Zanoni.

This is quite a feat, really, considering just how many times Pinocchio has been animated for children in Europe (in particular), so there must be something quite special about this one.

The film is fairly simple looking, especially compared to the visual feasts we've gotten used to, thanks to Pixar and the ongoing attempts by Disney, Dreamworks and other animation studios to present feats and visuals never-before-seen on screen. Simplicity is, as a result, often underrated (especially in the US) but European animation companies are still creating magical works without implementing fancy effects or boasting advances in technical achievements. 

Fro the looks of the trailer, D'Alò's Pinocchio is one of these.
Take a look (subtitled):

I'm still very curious to see Guillermo del Toro's animated Pinocchio, which is still quietly in production. His filmic sensibilities are still not entirely Hollywood and often refreshing as a result, despite being rather awe inspiring visually-speaking (and his story telling has a tendency to remain solid as well). With multiple versions of Pinocchio in the works (both in live action and animation) it will be interesting to see what resonates with audiences these days.

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