Friday, August 30, 2013

"The Mirror: A Snow White Tale" (MOOC challenge)

I'm planning to do a highlights post on some of the fairy tale MOOC classes and discussions we've been busy with the past four weeks but thought I'd start with this.

Each week, we studied a different tale or tales, discussed, analyzed, compared and contrasted them and also had an optional "tech challenge"on the theme.

Although I'm late in uploading my "slideshow retelling", after having a few technical issues with the free online software, I really wanted to finish what I started and ended up reconstructing the slideshow offline. It's not perfect but I wanted to keep to the limits of the software we were supposed to use [which I did. Mostly. :) ] and was more pleased than I expected to be with how it turned out overall.

You'll notice my retelling has no male figures at all - not even dwarfs... (I'll leave you to consider what light that throws on the tale.)

The Mirror: A Snow White Tale
by Gypsy Thornton
(MOOC tech challenge: slideshow retelling of a fairy tale)
Running time: 2:19
Music: "Gone" by Ioanna Gika

(Note: the movie file is pretty big. If it's not running properly, let it load first then watch.)


  1. Exquisite. Love the music.

  2. That last photo was so perfectly placed!