Saturday, August 10, 2013

Advertising: The Scoop on "Stories You Can Taste"

This is pretty cool! You watch an ad filled with fairy tales (all made out of ice-cream) and when you see a tale (or ice-cream combo) you like, you click on the "golden spoon" that appears and you're taken to a different video that not only gives you a little recipe but tells you a fairy tale at the same time!

And, as you guessed, its' all very sweet. :)

What I always find really interesting is seeing what constitutes "popular fairy tales" by whichever company (and country) is using tales for their product. While most tales chosen won't surprise there are a few different ones and one in particular may take a couple of views before you get it. (This less-well-known one is my son's favorite of them all.)

Another excellent thing is they've managed to both tell you a fairy tale AND give you a recipe all in under 2 minutes (per tale). To have such clear storytelling that has to do double duty as instructions? Nicely done. And it's always interesting to see in what way it's distilled, what, if any, usual tale motifs are excluded and what version of "happily ever after" they chose.

There are 15 tales in the ice cream adventure. See if you can identify them all...

[Note: the embedded video below isn't the interactive one. I'll give you that link in a minute because once you're there you'll likely get caught up exploring. :) ]

It took 4 food stylists shooting over 4 days - and much creation and re-creation! - to do each tale. There's 35 minutes worth of video to explore! You can read a little about the thoughts behind this creative advertising and the creation of the content over at CampaignAsia HERE

And now for the super fun part: click HERE to go to the interactive site. When the ad runs and you see a golden spoon appear over a character, click on it and you'll be taken to a new video (don't worry, it won't lose your place), which gives you a recipe and tells you the ice cream version of the fairy tale all at once. It's beautifully done and so simple kids can follow along with the "cooking" too.

I'll give you one example of a recipe-tale so you can preview the cute:
Now go play and tell fantastic stories! :)

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