Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Cinderonce" Is Going Viral

I never know what to expect will turn up in fairy tale news and today is one of those days. This is one of the about-to-go-viral stories of the day:  Cinderonce - Cinderella Reimagined Via Beyonce Hits by Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall (YouTube sensation and American Idol finalist) is making a habit of retelling fairy tales and the just-released Cinderonce is no exception.

Tracking the rag-to-riches storyline through Sasha Fierce (ie Beyonce) hits like "Diva," "Countdown," and "Single Ladies," this brilliant reappropriation of a timeless Disney fairytale will have you gagging for more...

Featuring Shangela as Cinderella's own personal fairy drag-mother, Tiffany Daniels as Cinderella and Todrick (who apparently adds his pipes to Beyonce tracks) as the Prince, this is actually a lot of fun! Take a look:
The other Disney based  "reimaginings" to date are Beauty & the Beat and Cinderfella. Check them out below:

Beauty & the Beat  (think Belle in the Hood). This is hilarious and very much in line with "Somewhere Over the Ghetto":

CinderFella (a musical montage and gay take on Cinderella):

One more side note: Todrick made a "trailer" for the Cinderonce music video before it came out and really hit the suspense notes. It's worth seeing just to take a look at how he condensed the set-up for the Cinderella tale into a buzz-building 20 second suspense marketing piece (note: it may auto-play the next video so hit pause if you've had your Toddy-fill for the day):

What's next in fairy tale news? Stay tuned. 

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