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"Wolf Among Us" Fables Prequel Game Trailer Released

So, it didn't happen as soon as everyone was hoping but a trailer (released Tuesday) tends to mean sooner rather than later. And (apart from the not-for-kids violence) it's looking pretty good!

Note: While Fables has always been unabashedly adult in content, you should be aware that this unrated trailer contains some violence and blood. I suggest you not have kids in the room watching with you.

The Wolf, mentioned is Bigby (ie "Big B" an abbreviation/endearment of Big Bad Wolf) - and this story, is his:

You may remember a post from early July discussing the Fables movie, in which I added news of the soon-to-be-released game as a sort of addendum. Since then, momentum and buzz have increased a lot (read, the anticipation re this game is pretty high!). It's become a pretty big deal, with game creators, TellTale Games, nabbing the Game of the Year award for 2012 for The Walking Dead.
The Wolf Among Us stars fairy tale characters like the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White and Mr. Toad. These characters were driven to the real world after their fantasy realm was conquered by an evil force. Most of these magical beings have resettled in New York City. They call their NYC community "Fabletown."  
The Fables try to keep their magical nature hidden from the rest of the world. That's easier said than done, though. They're not as cuddly as fairy tales would have you believe; they fight, drink and steal. Bigby Wolf, formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf, acts as the Sheriff of Fabletown and does what he can to keep order. (CinemaBlend)
Centering on the character of Bigby Wolf – the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ from the classic fable of ‘Red Riding Hood’(Edit FTNH: And other "wolf stories' such as 3 Little Pigs) – The Wolf Among Us will follow the now-reformed Sheriff of Fabletown in his efforts to keep non-magical beings from uncovering the true nature of the town’s residents. Joining him is his perennial accomplice from the comics, Snow White (seen in the trailer), but previous screenshots and artwork have shown plenty of other characters will be cropping up throughout. (Gamerant) 
Snow White
"[You're] bending the rules and interpreting the rules as the sheriff," Telltale CTO and president Kevin Bruner stated in May. "[It’s] a really interesting thing to do because everyone in Fabletown has an agenda… you get to interpret other Fables' motivations and how far you let them push the rules."  (ComicBookResources)
Pig: "You owe me, remember?"

The Fables game, however, isn't the comic series adapted for a video game. It's a Bill Willingham approved PREQUEL so Fables are about to get a whole other dimension of story added to the impressively large, and complicated, fairy tale universe.

Part of the reason for the anticipation is this will be the first time we see the characters actually move. It's not a movie but it's the closest thing we've seen so far since Fables hit the comic book market 11-ish years ago (2002). Fans have been itching for a TV series or movie for years now (with many silently - or not-so-silently - nursing grudges against the OUAT folks for getting a similar premise on Network TV,  despite the result proving to be a very distant cousin in the end) so there's been a lot of pressure to get this "right". (And it's a pretty good testing ground for movie possibilities and tie-ins too, so no doubt WB are watching closely.) With the announcement of a big blockbuster-type movie in development, interest has ratcheted up to "11" for the game. Although it's taking a while to put together and release, every indication says it won't disappoint. Both Fables fans and gamers should be very happy in the near future.
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