Saturday, August 24, 2013

OUAT in Oz?

Looks like it. It's either going to be one of those "down the rabbit hole" places they cross over to or, more likely, a whole second spin-off (if Wonderland goes over well). It comes as no surprise, really, especially since the OUAT gospel (aka Henry's Once Upon A Time storybook) showed a picture of flying monkeys on a page back in the first season.

From one half of the OUAT creator-team, Adam Horowitz:
"We’ve always loved Oz — we’ve talked about it, we’ve hinted at it, and if and when we get to it, we have the way we want to do it. And if we’re lucky enough to be able to do it, we’ll just go our way. It just goes to our approach to all these things, which is about honoring the source material and trying to do something new to it without reinventing the wheel." (via Examiner)

An enthusiastic fan made note of all the visible doors from the episode in Hat Trick (see image below), which begs the question: where do they all open to? (My guess is Horowitz and Kitsis haven't decided yet, although they have ideas.)

By the way, fan hype and expectation is high for OUAT in Wonderland but critic preview-reviews are overall warning not to expect too much At the very least they're hoping that the preview they saw was unfinished, would be re-edited and the effects would be "fixed" so we'll see. From the fan buzz, though, Wonderland would have to be truly, incredibly terrible to bomb at this point.

So, trending right now in development are Peter Pan and/or Neverland (which includes OUAT), Jack and the Beanstalk (which doesn't) and Oz.

The OZ projects on the horizon now include:

If you had a choice, what other realms would you like to see behind door numbers one through sixteen? What other realms in popular fairy tale and fantasy (especially Disney-related fantasy are there? (If you'd like to follow some speculation you can read a discussion thread on it HERE.)

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