Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Advertising: Huggies Diapers Little Explorers, Snow White

The tag line for this series, created in response to the earthquake-tsunami tragedies that hit Japan last year, is: "Keep little explorers high and dry."

I must admit my first reaction to this was of slight shock. It took me consciously thinking of the tag line while looking at the illustrations to appreciate the campaign, though I'm still not 100% settled simply because of the reference to the disaster/s. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much but if keeping little kids dry helps reduce tsunami nightmares I say more power to the campaign and for getting kids a guaranteed-dry nappy/diaper!

I'm including the three print ads, even though only one of them is fairy tale themed. I think they're worth a looksee and I kind of like the idea of Snow White being considered an explorer too. The others are Zorro and Columbus. Interesting choices, though I wish there had been just one more for the girls.
Credits & Description: 

Keep little explorers high and dry

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Bill Chan
Creative Directors: Jacky Lung, Kweichee Lam, Xingsheng Qi
Art Directors: Xingsheng Qi, Shengxiong Chen, Zhihua Zhong, Jacky Lung
Copywriters: Guilin Bo, Kweichee Lam
Art Buyer: Xiaohang Liu
Illustrator: Yu Chen
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Helena He
Account Manager: Maggie Zhou
Account Supervisor: Monica Hung

The Print Ads titled Snow White, Zorro and Columbus were done by Ogilvy, Beijing advertising agency for product: Huggies Diapers (brand: Huggies) in China. They were released in June 2010.
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  1. At least the pirate one makes sense (without their having to use the tsunami imagery.) If they wanted to use a faerie tale context, though, why didn't they go for Alice when she's swimming in her own tears? I don't know, seems brash to me, too.

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