Friday, January 27, 2012

Tiana Makes A Nice Thumbelina

I came across a small set of re-envisioned Disney Princesses recently painting recently and particularly like this one. If you're at all familiar with Disney's The Princess and the Frog you'll know one of the (many) outfits designed for Tiana was based on lilies and lily pads to echo the frog theme. What it reminds me of, of course, is of another teeny fairy tale heroine* who is often illustrated dressed in petals or seated on lily pads: HCA's Thumbelina.

Tommelise Very Desolate on the Water Lily Leaf, in "Thumbkinetta" by Eleanor Vere Boyle

Yes, the illustration at the head of the post is a little provocative, but then, so is dressing in petals, when you think about it.

The digital illustration is by Jace Wallace and you can see the other three princesses (Snow White, Jasmine and Ariel) HERE, close-ups included, along with this rest of his deviantArt gallery.  Mr. Wallace also has a very large professional portfolio and gallery HERE filled with many beautiful and strange girls (some NSFW). After looking through quite a number of works it's clear that this piece is rather unusual for the artist in that it's quite conservative (at least compared to his regular approach). I think it's rather beautiful (check the detail below) and is one of my favorite artist renditions of Tiana showing her froggy (and perhaps also "tiny heroine") influences to date.

Illustrations originally found HERE.

Bonus: For Disney fans, here's a link to see a fan art illustration of Tiana in a completely different outfit: Tiana (Bad) Voodoo Slayer. It certainly tugged a smile out of me - mainly because I would have liked to have seen Tiana get her "Whuppie" on in the film to some extent (as in fairy tale heroine Molly Whuppie) but I think it would have worked better if they'd kept to a 1920's-esque style.

* I say "another" because Tiana-as-frog is definitely on the diminutive side for much of the Disney movie.

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