Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fairy Tale Inspired Writing Pages Coming

The Carlo Collodi Fountain Pen nib detail
It's come to my attention that almost all my fairy tale inspired short stories, podcasts and other work have been slowly disappearing from the web due to personal site upgrades, defunct blog programs and various other things...


I am going to be adding pages to the Once Upon A Blog site when I can so some of my fair tale writing can have a (hopefully permanent) home here. :)

First cap off the rank:

It was originally written for as a Halloween story for Supernatural Fairy Tales, a great site which has recently had an upgrade. (Note: This is STILL an awesome site full of fantastic fairy tale short stories by Dorlana Vann and other wonderful finds. At last look, my two-part article on True Love and Fairy Tales is still there.)

You can read more about the initial publishing HERE in the announcement post on this blog (which I have also updated with the new page link).

The direct link to the story is under the header next to the About InkGypsy page or you can click HERE.

And, since we're on the topic of fairy tale writing, what better than a fairy tale pen? Look at this lovely, lovely Montblanc Carlo Collodi Fountain Pen I found recently. (They come in rollerball and ballpoint pens too apparently, but you need to contact them for prices. I'm guessing $$$!) It was released just in time for Christmas last year (2011).

Though I haven't been able to write (or blog or be online!) much at all the past year or so, I am beginning to write again and just the thought of this pen is very inspiring. Though it will likely take me a little while to publish anything new, I am excited to go dig up some fairy tale bits and pieces of my own and share them with people again.

I hope you enjoy the pages to come.

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