Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Hans My Hedgehog" Story Poster by Yael Albert

I found this recently and loved, not only seeing some new artwork for a fairy tale I love but that the poster takes you through the whole story as well. I wish there were more tales illustrated this way. They'd make wonderful teaching and reference tools as well as fantastic additions to a playroom.

The artist, Yael Albert is an Israeli-born illustrator who, although she seems fairly new on the scene (within the last few years) has hit the ground running going from high profile awards to publishing contracts in New York, including The New York Times (click to see his illustration).

Unfortunately I can't seem to find any details on why this poster was made or what inspired her. I also sincerely wish there was a high resolution image of this poster available so I could see all the details in context but we'll have to settle for a few enlarged images instead.

I wanted to mention her lovely little postcard sketches from her blog too (like this one HERE). Apparently she found some old postcards and doodled in some imaginary aspects for each one - what a great idea! I love them. They're completely fairy tale-like in their atmosphere and remind me of when I was a child and thinking of tales in different situations. 

Her website is HERE, her blog HERE and this beautiful Hans My Hedgehog poster was originally found HERE.


  1. Ah, this is Jim Henson's The Storyteller version of Hans My Hedgehog. The Storyteller is so incredible! Love the artwork on this poster and how Yael included the lovely words from Anthony Minghella's lovely script (and book).

  2. I love the version that was produced as an episode of Jim Henson's The Storyteller. The adaptation was amazing! Book Text Poster UK

  3. A young boy must overcome a heartless giant. A princess searches the earth for her stolen bridegroom. One of my favorite! - One Page Books

  4. I'm really impressed with this beautiful illustration of one of my favourite fairy tales. Thank you for posting this.

  5. These illustrations are wonderful, they're so incredibly detailed and characterful!