Sunday, January 8, 2012

Illustrations by Rosie Lauren Smith

East of Sun West of Moon

These beautiful illustrations you see here are by Rosie Lauren Smith, yet another artist I found through deviantArt this year. I then realized I had also seen her work in New Fairy Tales Magazine as well.

Fairy Ouroboros
Into the Woods 
The Fire Boy (for New Fairy Tales Magazine) 
The Red Bird (for New Fairy Tales Magazine)
The Snow Children (for New Fairy Tales Magazine)
Troll Princess (older work done in the style of John Bauer)

My favorite would have to be the East of Sun West of Moon illustration. Beautiful.

Rosie Lauren Smith has a lovely blog HERE and her deviantArt gallery is HERE.

New Fairy Tales Magazine - which is always recommended, despite being on hiatus during 2011 - can still be found HERE. Ms. Sith's illustrations are featured in Issue 6 (current issue as of this writing) for the story The River of the Fire of Life by Francesca Forrest.

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  1. AAAHHH! I want to live in one of these. Thank you for sharing.