Tuesday, March 28, 2017

'Tangled' The Series Revisits Mother Gothel

Nice to see the series dealing with the (some of) the reality that you can't wish away your previous life and bad care givers (understatement!). We know it's been a huge wish of folks who've identified with Rapunzel, to see that her experience of being raised by Gothel, wouldn't get conveniently swept under the rug. Getting you 'happily ever after' doesn't erase the trauma of a horrible upbringing and at some point, it has to be dealt with - more than likely continuously over a lifetime.

While we don't know how this is ultimately handled, or if this is an issue that will recur/be touched on over time, we're glad to see there is an attempt at addressing this enormous issue in the first place.
See the official clip, with proper resolution on YouTube HERE.

We particularly like how there's indication of a headache and mental strain, that is, turmoil from inside Rapunzel (as opposed to her getting zapped from the outside, as if your bad-parent is only an external problem), not to mention the physically manifest messy aftermath of this encounter. We know there are more than a few folks who will appreciate the not-so-subtle symbolism and will feel validated that even though that problem-person is (possibly) in the past, it doesn't mean you've completely escaped your internal prisons.

The episode aired last week (March 24th we believe) so there's a good chance it will repeat again this week for those wanting to catch up.

Kudos to the Tangled: The Series team for addressing this important issue!
Note: For some reason, the embedding function has been disabled on the original clip, which is unusual so the one above is (obviously) someone's at-home recording of the sequence. If you can't see the one embedded above, you can watch the official clip on YouTube HERE.

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