Thursday, March 16, 2017

Advertising: J.M. Weston's 'Le Beau Dormant' Flips the Script & Mashes Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella

Omar Sy & Alexia Giordano 'Le Beau Dormant' for J.M. Weston
We have to say, using the motif of fairy tale shoes linked to a Sleeping Beauty tale, isn't something we've seen used in commercials before, but this shoe brand has made it work for them. They've made an effort to play with fairy tale tropes, too, making for a different perspective to consider. Released this week, here's the new fairy tale based ad from J.M. Weston (French luxury shoes company for men).

Take a look:
The pink shoes were an unexpected twist and we like that the detail can be interpreted a number of different ways.

Nice to see a male in the role of the sleeper*, as well as the POC aspect, and it does add an interesting note to the ongoing conversation of agency, along with the use of magical items, or talismans. For some reason it feels very male-centric, despite all this though. We know it's a men's shoe company, so perhaps that's the intent, but...

What do you think?

*Sleepers... that brings a whole different situation to the table!

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