Friday, March 17, 2017

Disney's New 'Beauty and the Beast' Hits Theaters Today (Magical Poster Showcase)

Beauty and the Beast triptych poster - Click to view desktop wallpaper size
It's a highly anticipated day for many folks - not just fairy tale fans - and no matter what critics are saying this movie is going to be HUGE.

The biggest draw is likely for the nostalgia crowd, which is one of the biggest guaranteed demographics. That double-edged sword also makes it apparent that this movie comes with a curse of its own: it will forever live in comparison to the animated classic, unlikely to ever truly be judged on its own merit. That said, nostalgia will win out for Beauty and the Beast fans because, at worst, it's going to be an enjoyable movie, even if its new spin isn't as groundbreaking as the first movie was.

We're going to see it in theaters at some point because, why not? It's clearly been made with love and attention to detail and isn't that what you want in a movie? Especially a family fantasy? In reimagining a well known story, even down to lines, songs and scenes that are all very familiar, each storyteller brings their thumbprint to the telling and we're curious to see the prints - and be able to see the details in the corners of the big screen - on this one.

We'll be posting some more Beauty and the Beast themed posts during the next few days, in tribute to the current social focus on this fairy tale, but for now, enjoy the fact that millions of people around the globe will be happily - excitedly - talking about fairy tales this week (at least), and if you happen to be out and about chatting fairy tales there's a good chance you'll meet some new fairy tale friends.

In case you hadn't seen them, here are the eleven, quite magical, character posters for the movie.
Yeah, we don't quite know what's going on with the Beast poster either, but overall pretty great. Here are the, better quality, static poses below, this time including the Prince. (You can click on them to view a much larger size.) Enjoy!

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