Friday, March 3, 2017

Architales by Frederico Babina

For many people - and characters in tales and books - their home reflects their personality and often, their story too. Designers for movies research this extensively and those paying close attention can learn more about characters by observing the places the various characters make their home. Fantasy movies tend to show this a little more elaborately and obviously but most designers do this to an extent, whether it's for the stage or the screen.

One architect and illustrator, Frederico Babina, is so fascinated by the concept that he combined his two skills and passions, to create dwelling designs on a particular theme - be they by zoo animals or film directors (the latter is definitely worth a look! Check Charlie Chaplin versus Stanley Kubrick for example).

We were delighted to discover he has also created designs based on fairy tale characters, their stories and other well known tales that many link to fairy tales.
"Beautiful fairy tales — like good architecture — are adorned with magic and mystery and supported by a solid structure,’"Babina says. "Like any great work of art, they encapsulate the maximum depth and the maximum simplicity."
‘Architale’ uses the built form, its shapes and innate geometries to convey key aspects of the story, transforming the buildings into ‘narrative objects’. For example, the long nose of Pinocchio becomes an extruded wooden window; Hansel and Gretel’s need for sweets is illustrated as a gingerbread façade; and the princess and the pea’s obsession with perfection is reflected in a carefully stacked structure — with a pea-shaped void. (source)
You can see the fairy tale specific ones (along with Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz) in detail below:
Note: The ones not shown full size from the poster are: Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, The Sword in the Stone.

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