Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Let Them Eat Cake... (It Will Make Them Sweeter... To Eat!)"

Yes, I do think that's what a cantankerous Baba Yaga might say if she saw someone getting that cake, unless you happen to have a blue rose* handy, or get her on one of her very rare good days, or, better still, have the advantage of a special oracle like our fairy tale friend Taisia Kitaiskaia who asks our favorite Russian crone questions very week on our behalf.

A dear friend sent me a picture of this AMAZING cake yesterday and I just had to share. Created by Sylwia Sobiegraj, of Have Some Cake, it's quite a feat. (Foot?)

Oh and in case you're wondering what the flavor is? Chocolate mud cake covered with dark chocolate ganache. (YUM!)

You can see more of her amazing cakes HERE.

(Thanks again Lisa!)

Anyone know if those blue roses work on people? Talk about an awesome birthday gift. You really could be 29 forever... or at least a longer time than usual. ;)

According to some versions of the myths, Baba Yaga ages a year every time someone asks her a question. This is why she is often portrayed as a cranky old hag — she is frustrated and angry about having been asked so many questions. The only way for her to de-age herself is by drinking a special tea she brews from blue roses. Heroes who bring her a gift of blue roses are often granted wishes as reward for their aid ("Baba Yaga" Wikipedia 2006).

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