Monday, August 10, 2015

Animated Musical Comedy "Charming" Gets Pop Divas (x4) to Voice Their Princesses

Apparently the new trend is focusing on Prince Charming.

No, I'm not repeating news - this is NOT about the Disney live-action "Charming". This is a new and different project: an animated musical comedy, also titled "Charming",  coming from 3QU Media.

From Playbill and iAfrica:
Avril Lavigne and Ashley Tisdale and G.E.M. will join Demi Lovato in voicing fairy-tale heroines for the animated musical comedy Charming.
...In the film, Lavigne will voice Snow White, Tisdale will play Cinderella and (Chinese pop-star) G.E.M. Sleeping Beauty. Lovato will play the female lead, Lenore.
...In the film, a cursed Prince Philip Charming must find his true love before his 21st birthday or risk losing all claim to the throne.
The film is produced by John H. Williams who was behind Shrek, and will be written and directed by Ross Venokur.
Charming is set to be released next year.
No word on who Charming will be voiced by yet but 'next year' is ridiculously soon. 
I'm also just confused by this news. Where is all this 'charming' business coming from? Even OUAT will be focusing on Charming and King Arthur as the other story-draw in the Dark Swan season, complete with buddy stories and 'a different kind of 'bromance' being teased by the Producers. Between Charmings and Arthurs there's a definite bizarre trend happening. While I'm a fan of great stories for boys coming back into fantasy, (especially after all the princess culture' we've been drowning in), I'm not sure I like it.
Concept art for 3QU Media's "Charming"

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  1. I haven't heard about either of these Charming films before. I'm all for more fairy tale material with male protagonists, but I've seen the way the media likes to send-up the "Prince Charming" stereotype. I think the culture needs to get its head right about its relationship with the fairy tale prince before it can do anything interesting. Instead, we're likely to get more parodies.