Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Help My Summertime Depression?

Baba Yaga's Forest by Rima Staines
I'm definitely one of those people for whom Summer is the worst time of year. I don't manage heat well, (and the 100 to 110 degree temps this last week have been a full-on physical challenge with heat-related illness - hence irregular posts sorry!), but it's isn't just being heat-sensitive that can get me down. So much sun I can find depressive (even oppressive), and, much like people who sometimes get Winter blues, I can get a Summer version, counting the days till Winter which is my most wonderful, creative and happy time of the year. I've been relieved to find out I'm not the only one but it is still difficult to know how to manage, when many people are at their most social and most motivated and you're just not up to it. What to do? Thankfully, someone else thought to ask Baba Yaga for some insight.

Here's today's question and answer (via poet and oracle Taisia Kitaiskaia* of The Hairpin):
(Originally posted at The Hairpin HERE)

Yes. I need a creek. Preferably many! So if I'm not here for stretches this Summer you now know: I'm looking for a creek. (I'm not kidding.) And if I don't find a creek, at least it's not a forever state. Plus it's kind of awesome to look forward to morphing. I do love a good transformation... #fairytale101

For inspiration I've included some of the 'in progress' pics that Rima Staines shared on her blog HERE in creating this marvelous Baba Yaga's Forest backdrop for a special storytelling event with a Russian fairy tales theme in 2012. I do so adore what she and Tom Hirons are doing in their traveling 'vehicle of imagination', Hedgespoken. (The event this was created for appears to be a pre-cursor for their off-grid theater and storytelling project.)

Note: If you're wondering if your feelings are due to more than just a bad day or two, know that you're not alone. There is such a thing as "Summer SAD" (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and there are things you can do to help yourself (see HERE) as well as doctors than can too. 

What do you think of Baba Yaga's advice?

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Thank you Baba Yaga (& Taisia).

Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. Born in Russia and raised in America, she's had her poems and translations published in Narrative Magazine, Poetry International, and others.


  1. I love when you share "Ask Baba Yaga" posts. And Thank you for sharing about the heat! My hormones have been going wacky on me, which makes my internal temperature fluctuate unpredictably-then add the external heat-and I'm mighty uncomfortable! Looking for a few good, clean creeks to wallow in too!

  2. LOVE those Rima Staines pictures! As always, love the "Ask Baba Yaga" posts.