Monday, August 10, 2015

Disney's "Descendants" Is Not Done - Next Up: The Animated Series

Someone decided waaay before Descendants aired that this was going to be a huge hit. How do I know? Because they went ahead a spent a tidy chunk of change on getting a short-form series animated, and it's set to air very soon - in September.

From the Press Examiner:
The official word: “Descendants Wicked World“, an animated short-form series set in the Auradon and Isle of the Lost worlds of Disney’s hit movie “Descendants“, is set to premiere FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 on Disney Channel and its digital platforms, including WATCH Disney Channel.
Here's the teaser trailer:

 I know they were trying to draw in the tweens and teens with the live action, which is why they went in that direction first, but with the doll line for Descendants already out (I told you someone was banking on this being a hit) and this approach as an Ever After High-type rival, they look to be settling on the pre-teen demographic, which explains to me why they have the wardrobes they do (ie they look fine on dolls - real people, not-so-much). Actually. for pre-teens, the animated series looks just fine and on target (am I seeing traces of the Sophia approach in there? Anyway, girls who like Sophia, should graduate to this short series just fine.)

Oh and if you're an adult and want to catch up and have a little of fun at the same time, it's been suggested that you engage in one of the many suggested drinking games while watching the recently aired Disney Channel movie. (Seriously: google "drinking game" and "Disney's Descendants". There are a TON of suggestions as to how to go about this!) From the looks of it, it appears to be a very fun way to get up to speed!

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