Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'Pushing Daisies' Looks To Be Getting a Revival. Or Two! *-fist-pump-*

You know the show I'm talking about, right? One of the shows that was (most agree) an unfair victim of that writer's fiasco a few years back? I've rarely met a fan of fairy tales that this show didn't appeal to.

In fact, when I heard this announcement I completely guarantee to you that my face was not the only one that looked like this:
'Pushing Daisies' was that stylized, fantasy show, where the most normal and innocent thing becomes the focus of something truly bizarre and fantastic, all in the middle of an ongoing mystery, and, oh yeah, death. In this show, the colors were saturated, the sets were distinctly staged and the people were bizarrely unique, particular and fantastic. You never knew when things were going to take a turn for the weird, or when a magical moment might happen or when people might break into song. It was bizarre and wondrous and able to ponder very deep truths in the midst of pie... very much like fairy tales. In fact, that's the very word that was often used to describe - a mix of wonder, magic and macabre, just like a good old fairy tale. (With extra singing.) 

So I'm gonna just leave this announcement here (ok, I added bold, underline and embiggened the letters... and yes 'embiggened' is a totally appropriate frankenword, worthy to be included in any article discussing Pushing Daisies!):
Pushing Daisies show creator Bryan Fuller has announced that he’s hoping to bring the cast back for a project or two. 
Fuller states in the interview, “I’ve had conversations very recently with Barry Sonnenfeld about financing a film, and with Kristin Chenoweth and Warner Brothers about developing a stage musical.” 

Additionally, Fuller said that some sort of revival is also on its way: “We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival, and the idea would be to have as many cast as we can to participate in it.” 
We’re hoping that they’ll be able to get the full cast to return, which includes Lee Pace, Kristen Chenoweth, Anna Friel, Ellen Greene, Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, and maybe even Jim Dale as the narrator.
Yes, yes! Any! Both! Just-doo-eeet!! And please note: we will not love this as much if the cast are not exact clones of the previous ones we loved.
Party on.
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  1. I love, love, love Pushing Daisies! This is great news! Maybe Olive will be able to actually sing a whole song without getting interrupted this time. I kind of hope not. It just wouldn't be an Olive song if she didn't have to pretend that she isn't really singing.