Monday, February 3, 2014

"La Belle et la Bête": The 'First Dinner' Scene (squee!)

Official Italian Poster for "La Belle et la Bête"
Yesterday, a whole scene from Gans' spectacular looking fairy tale film was released! We get the iconic and moody (aka inspired by Cocteau), first dinner scene as Beauty meets the Beast for the first time (and has a little freak out).

This is making the waiting harder! (US/UK release dates already please!)
Are we still looking forward to this?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

As a bonus for today, here's a newly released - and very lovely - behind-the-scenes video on the fairy tale aesthetics of the film (sorry - French again, but you get the gist):
PS If you can't see the "first dinner" video (because there is something bizarre going on with the code sticking from foreign sites, right now), click to see the scene HERE.

Source: HERE


  1. This looks amazing! I wish I could live in that world! I really need a rose maze/ avenue one day!

  2. Hey there! Just discovered this blog! I wish I had known about it before. I actually have my own fairy tale blog too. It's called Geekily Ever After ( I'm trying to approach folk and fairy tales with the same sort of enthusiasm and irreverence that you get from fantasy and science fiction fandom. It's not much to look at yet, though.

    Anyway, this movie looks fantastic. I wonder if it will get a US release.

  3. I live in France and I have seen posters for this film around, I think I will go and see it next week, it looks fantastic! I will let you know what I think about it, I may even do a short post about it too.

    best wishes x