Friday, February 7, 2014

"La Belle et La Bete" New Posters & Stills (aaaand it's countdown week: 5 days till the premiere...)

New posters, new stills...

I'm guessing they got tired of seeing the low rez screen caps zippping around Tumblr and other social media. ;)

 I'm not complaining at all. We haz more prettys now. :)

New stills - and more - after the jump.
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We're well into countdown week and there's STILL no news of an English release ANYWHERE. *headdesk*

There is an official website now, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes, contest for French residents only and teasers (see screencaps from the story intro below). You can find that HERE.

Through there you can also pre-order the soundtrack via iTunes or Amazon, and can listen to quite a lot of it in the meantime through the site link (lots of excerpts nicely put together - many minutes, I haven't reached the end yet as I'm posting). The music is like a classic old school film score, orchestral and beautiful - perfect for storytelling. Enjoy the music! (You can imagine the story as you listen... )
For those brushing up their French, you might glean a few more scene clues from the titles in the track listing above... (the things we do while we wait!)

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  1. So gorgeous! I really want to see this.

    Thanks for sharing the loveliness.