Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fairy Tale Review's 10th (!!) Anniversary Issue Is Out and It's An 'Oz-Stravaganza'

Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of MGM's beloved The Wizard of Oz movie, Fairy Tale Review, the annual literary journal dedicated to publishing new fairy tales, has released their special 10th anniversary Oz-themed issue! (And it's EMERALD green... ;) )

Ten years! Wow and congrats to all editors  and contributors through the years. You make our world a much richer place. Thank you.

Speaking of contributors, fairy tale news friend and writer Cate Fricke (of Something to Read For the Train) has a short story, Tin Girl, in this landmark issue as well (congrats Cate!). Here's a quickie-peek on the inspiration for her achievement:
Love that heart too! And you can go read more about her news and story HERE.

Here's a little announcement from Fairy Tale Review with some more exciting fairy tale news as well (the grayed links are intact so you can go there directly to find out more):
Fairy Tale Review is now open for submissions. 
Our tenth-anniversary issue, The Emerald Issue, is now available from Wayne State University Press. 
The newest Pins & Needles interview features the fabulous Timothy Schaffert.
We’ve added a new blog feature, Fairy-Tale Files, launching this week with ten days of Oz in celebration of The Emerald Issue. 
See you at AWP!
Did you see that? Fairy-Tale Files! A new blog feature and new fairy tale reading! Here's the scoop (& the new header by Samantha Sweeting):
(Read more HERE.)

This is just wonderful. Plus: Baba Yaga! Tam Lin! Fearnot! These are in my all time favorites fairy tale list!! I cannot click on all the goody-links fast enough!

Now I just need to clone myself so I have time to read even more and then figure out a way to download my clone's brain back into my own so I don't miss anything...

Note: Apologies for all the exclamation marks... I take it back. It's too exciting to not add exclamation marks!!


  1. This is awesome -- I have always admired this journal and am really happy that they have endured so well. Thanks for the heads up on this issue!

  2. Thanks for this. The Fairy Tale Review does incredible work and the Oz issue promises to be fabulous. I love what they're doing with the website and allowing for all these variants on these amazing tales. I'm wondering what folks feel about the Oz series. My personal fave of the books is The Marvelous Land of Oz. Yours?

  3. Jennifer D. BushroeFebruary 20, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    Thanks for the heads up that they're open to submissions again! I've always wanted to submit to them, but their last few themed issues haven't matched anything in my it's awesome that the 2015 issue is themeless! I will definitely be submitting to them, and I hope you will too, Gypsy!

  4. It's certainly an impressive venue, and I agree about the "themeless" opportunity feeling fresh. It might open things up in important ways...