Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stunning Concept & Promo Images of Gans' "La Belle et la Bete" by François Baranger

Concept-art for "Beauty and the Beast".
is the first version of the Beast's castle. It has evolved later on,  but t
his painting was also used for the the Christmas catalog of the "Galeries Lafayette".
*flail, fumble, speechless, gathers self...* Ahem. Wow. I really don't have much to say about these recently released concept and promo images except for "ooh-shiny!" and "g-gah-gorgeous!"
Promo image for "Beauty and the Beast".
Used in  
the Christmas catalog of the "Galeries Lafayette" (a famous department store in Paris).
François Baranger is a freelance illustrator and concept artist who has been working with Christophe Gans both in development and now in promotion of the French Beauty & the Beast film, premiering in theaters in France around Valentines Day.
Another concept for "Beauty and the Beast" by Christophe Gans.
It depicts the brambles forest surrounding the beast domain, when Beauty and one of his brothers try to find the hidden path.

That concept is also used for the cover of "Galeries Lafayette" christmas catalog (a famous department store in Paris).
Clearly, I have to hunt down a copy of this Galeries Lafayette Christmas catalog! Also quite clearly, my usual commentary is a little lacking so Ima just leave these here for you to drool over and stop typing... 'k? (You're welcome.)
Here is the first concept for Beauty and the Beast I'm allowed to show. It depicts the dining room, which has already seen on the pictures given to the press. I was in charge of the visual development of this movie over a year, and I can say that it was a great moment for me. Christophe Gans is a director fully aware of the importance of a good preproduction, and he trusts the artists. So, once again, it was a real pleasure to work with him. :)
One last note:

I found the following comment from the artist in the "small print" at one of his websites:
In the next weeks (months?), I'll post more pictures, depending the teasers/trailers, and the rest at the release of the movie (february 2014).
*squee!* Gives me hope for an art of book to come...

(and I don't care if it IS only available in French. I'll tag and bag a copy of my own!)

In the meantime, you can find more of Mr. Baranger's work HERE.

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  1. I'm so excited by this, it all looks sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!